Own Your Free Time With Profit Academy

These days most Americans are working harder than ever, putting in long hours just to get a little bit ahead. At the same time, most people would like more time off to spend with the family, friends, or simply recreating in on the golf course. This begs the question, “what sort of career one should choose in order to get the best of both worlds (more money and more time to have fun)?”

Well, if you are smart enough to read this website then you are probably smart enough to know that owning your own business is, for many people, a far superior option to working in a traditional “career” working to make somebody else rich. That being the case, this article will focus on the best types business to own if you want to free up more time for yourself, while still bringing in the big buckaroonies. We’ll start by looking at my pick: an online business!

If the thought of operating an online business is intimidating to you, bear in mind that there are programs out there that can show you exactly what to do to get set up and rolling even if you area complete newbie. Not every course is that great, so I’d recommend something like Profit Academy from Anik Singal, because he has a proven track record training a lot of students to become very successful there’s good review of Profit Academy over on NanoMagazine.com

An online business is great because it less you sell goods and/or services all over the world 24 hours a day, even when you are sitting by the pool or taking a nap.

Also, unlike owning a traditional business with a staff and rent bills to pay, with an online biz there is very low overhead. That’s just the beginning though, because everything is very streamlined. Operating online provides you with the opportunity to build stronger relations with customers with almost zero effort and very conveniently too.

How would this be accomplished? You may ask…

There are several simple ways to do this.

When customers buy from you, you can immediately acknowledge their response by e-mailing them confirming the transaction and thanking them for their patronage. You can e-mail them on a regular basis – making special offers adapted to their needs. This personal touch will make them feel important, prompting them to consider your website first whenever they have to make a purchase. You can also encourage them to review the products they have purchased from you. This will reflect your interest in their feedback, as well as your desire to improve your products and services whenever necessary. Asking for product reviews, and taking serious note of them, will help in building trust and a strong sense of community on your website.

You can also build a profile of the purchase records and interests of your customers. You can track the websites that they visit and products that they research for information on. When you have this information on hand, it is easier for you to make offers tailored to their inclinations. You can also cross-sell using the said data. Doesn’t that sound good?

Other than that, my next picks would be owning fast food franchises and laundry mats. The key is hiring a good GM. That way you can pay him or her a fair salary and let them handle the headaches while you just lamp and kick it. The nice thing about the franchise model is that once get the hang of it you can scale up and systematize the operations of an empire of restaurant outlets. However I have never owned a franchise personally, so I don’t know too much about it, and it takes a lot more money to get started than it does with an online business.

Hope this gives you some ideas, and definitely check out that Profit Academy program I mentioned, it’s a great way to start owning your free time.